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Hutchinson Herald from Hutchinson, Kansas • Page 3

Hutchinson Herald from Hutchinson, Kansas • Page 3

Hutchinson Heraldi
Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
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THE ESTEY ORGAN. THE BEST IN THE WORLD. For Sale By SMITH WILSON. twentV-forr dollar ccekoo clock some abuse, is not the author. For the tene- CITY ANI COUNTY.

1 WINTER MILLINERY GOODS, Special Notices. The Largest line of Albums and Fancy liox Paper ever brought to Hutchiusou. at G. A. Woouaru's Po.t Office Book Store.

will be raffled for at Dickey' drug Littie i dn i-Vp's fiitv cents. J. ill ui an mil 3nj iijjui ucic luji nc mc he, and that we live at home with the reit of the folks. try Every smoker should ISoper will be master of ceremonies. Mrs.

J. F. Dewiu is on the sick list. The rafts will come off as soon as the numbers are sol J. Cal and se cure a number before it is too lite.

at the NEW DKUtr STOKE of C. E. Sidliiign-. vou will find the New HEAD-LKtHT lamp 175 proof-also paints, oils, glass, and the finest stock ef drusiu the citv I Ec3t -ttr'actiTTG Stales. A Full asii Complete Stock of Hosiery, Embroidery Germantowii Zephyrs, Fancy Feathers, Etc.

Mrs. R. B. Baldwin. XfYyi't -j Cigars, Tobaccos, Toys, Nuts at (J.

A. VV oodako's. Post Olfice Book Store. a -irsT- ii 'a In 10 years. A ccitr.L'.

Curs for Sew ing machines repaired and put in good working order at Smith jl sou's. Eli of lliiz, Liver, Stofk. TAooi, sZlti'i ProC'-icc cf Cur.uive AX OLD A.f: TIiIEU IXillV. 77 Stkekt, cut. FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS.

KANSAS LUMBEH. COMPANY, Ah kinds of buildiutr material at VEltY LO WEST ET PRICES at Kansas Lu.mhek Co. Smith MxXiustry are prepared to Oh. they really thought it, jr they are truthful girls; and they gave us their word and honor that they saw a full tinted rainbow around the moon last Thursday night. We never heard of the like before; but as they couldn't have been mistaken, we are compelled to believe the statement.

But the query arises: Why were they watching the moan at the midnight hour? One of the hanisomest of the batchelors on the southern confines of north Hutchinson ha9 been very assiduously employed in "setting up" the cigars the past week. Think-in? that something unusual and of a happy nature had occurred, we cautiously interviewed him, but mile no ungible discovery beyon 1 the fact, that he had settled a vexed question by marrying a lovely young lady, and wanted the affair kept quiet for a week or two. All right, Mr. we will not reveal the fact. The Grand Army boys, and there are many on this side, are well pleased with the selection of Dr.

Sidlinger as Commander for the coming year. This organization, though nvt yet out of its infancy in this city, has grown to large proportions, and wields a powerful iufluafcee -for the purpose for which it was destined. And not only is this power felt and rea lized in our own midst, but, through the Iesrion of Posts everywhere, its power for good to the soldier in Siate and Nation is leud one ou good laiius cheaper Speech price 3 Cents. than anybody. They also make loans on personal security for short times.

You will also find a full line nil tU.Uiti!n il of best insurance companies in their FooteasG. office. All business iu above lines promptlv attended tr and satisfaction Hot, Swollen I- i.Cliii'.ilair.s.Ac. Price 5 Csnts. Ccrnease Esoufjr 223, 5th Ave.

Flace, 17. Y. City- Lath, Doors, Blinds, Shingles and Oak and Cedar Fence Posts, Lhirj) Fiank BicV, of at the residence of his brother.near Atlington. on the ISt'i inst, of typhoid fever, aged 21 yera. The younj man had not been from home btit a few days, having come to Kansas to upend the holidays, when his brother, J.

N. received notice of his illness an! arrived on the 17th, and relumed to his home iu Toledo on the 27th. At a regular meeting of Hutchinson Lodge, N'o. 77, A. IT.

held Dec. 27th. 1883, the following officers were elected to btvj for first term in 1884: P. M. Hiram W.

Dice, acting; J. F. DeWitt, M. II. William-.

Foreman; T. F. Colee, Overseer; D. M. Carter, A.

M'Kinney, Recorder; J. A. Ilea. Financier; J. Rylher, W.

Teters, I. J. F. D-Muth, O. A.

W. McKmney. M. D. W.

Stimmel, Trustee; II. IF. Dice, Representative to G. L. These officers will be iustalled at the ti cxt regular mating, and all members ot 77 are requested to be present, as business of importance ill be ac'e I on.

tor km- by Agents, Druggists and Suoe Dealers. guaranteed. Office up stairs il cox block. BARBED WIPE at Kansas Lumber Co. The Finest Liue of FANCY Dressing SETS, Jewelry Cases, Desks, at C.

A. WooiiAitn's Post Office Book Store. Sin it li Wilson are selling gootU at reduced rates, for the holidays. Call fc-tock will ahvays be found fall and com plete, and we guarantee grades equal to any in the market. Estimaes of buildings carefulb' praied.

Ovt speialties are lira Las iO i i i lb 2 i i GliddenBarb Wire. Temple's Wood Pirmps, AveriD Mixed Paint. AT THE OLD STAND. Xansas Tiiimhar nnrnrri? fully acknowledged and appreciated. We Thii will he the list issue of the II eeatp in Miss Minnie Eavia is risking ker fuller in Washington.

OVERCOATS at Cost at I. Jacobs, opposite the Opera House- The Interior got ou: a very creditable holiday sheet this week. Mr. Walt. Wible was quire sick Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Miss Jessie McSnJe, of Cottonwool Falls, is yisiiing friends in this city. The Firemen's tall was voted a success by those wh were in attendance. Wible Brothers got out a holiduj sheet for the KUinwood Express this week. A farmer in Castleton, by the name of Max, has commenced boring tor coal. Judge Brown, of Larned, fpent Christmas with his many fricn ls in Hutchinson.

a nice L1BRAKY CHAlIt for Cliri'tmas at Uul-ov s. The wheels have been closed. We sup-pose for the reason that court sets nest week. James Teniae and brother think of starting a hardware store in Saratogi, Pratt county. Mr.

Cummins, agent of the Topeka Duly Capital, was in the city Thursday of this week. Call and see JFible Brothers' New Years cards. Opera house block, up stairs. Easley had a drpam this week. We though-something was the matter as he forgut to with us.

The Democrat ill not isiue a paper thit The editor is spending holidays in Kansas City. A young son of Mr. E. M. Hill's wus thrown from a pony Christmas and slightly injured. was crowded with people from the country last Monday, all laying in a stock of holiday goods. A. fine line of NEW YEAUS CARDS tit Wible liivthers, job printers, Opera house block, up stairs. John Duckworth, of the firm of K'imiga Duckworth, of this city, has returned from his visit to Wallace, Cowley county. The young "adies of Hutchinson will give a leap year party oti thenight of Jan.

lt, at the opera house. Invitations are out. Anything vou want iu the FUIIXI- predict that the ensuing year will be pne of I. WOLFESSBERGER, City Also at his place of business on South street, keps on hand and for sale and examine oods and prices before going elsewhere. GOLD PEX3 of the let quality at it.

A. Post Office Hook htorr. The best brands of Cigars Tobacco. Ail parties whiu fruit tees ni do well to leave their orders with 1) M. Wright, soon.

He is prepar jd to furnish all kmdn o. first-class trees at iea-onalle rates continued prosperity anl growth in numbers and iu strength. The holidays are upon us. The usual Christmas festivities have been enjoyed by all, even by the youth in the time honored custom of hanging up the stockings, and there has been the customary wedding or two. As the familiar is drifting away and the, as yet, unknown '84 is soon to break upon us, a happy new year and a prosperous voyage over each succeeding billow, is the wish of yours truly, Phvle.

LOOK OUT IIUTCniNSON, KANSAS. at One of the LARU'ST and most COMPLETE stocks of Stationery ever brought to Ilutehium, at G. A. Wooijakd's Post Oilice Book Store. A Sad Accident.

Dick nodge, a boy of about 17 summers, lost his right hand by the accidental discharge of a shot gun, lie was out huuting last Monday, and while loading his gun, (a uouble barreled gun,) the loaded barrel was accidentally discharged, literally leari his right hand to pieces, result in the necessity of amputation, whhh was done in a neat manlier by Dr. Sid linger. Little Joker is the best smoking tobacco. Dealer in I'OK- Call aud sec the new Improved Domestic. Smith Wilsox.

Jewelry, Watches, Clocks, Toy and miscellaneous books by al standard authors at G. A. Woodard's Post -flice Rook StDre. so a fine lot of Of ali descriptions Goods Gents msinng; 7 Holiday Goods Ot all kin and of the liuct Doll-, combs, brushes, vases, perfumery, at E. CLOTUIKG, A BAH3AIN.

Five lots for sale iu the City of Hutchinson, for thi- small sum of SiloO. For particulars, call at this office. JT'To be soil at a low rate. In the old Mincer st ind. ya BUSSES Sewing maclii'ii'S repaired prompt ly and satisfaction yuaranlet'il.

Also, sewing iraehine repairs and e-d'es k. pt on ha iid. Smith Opera llcnse. Hu cliinKon. lie best liue of the best Sewing Machines at the lowest prices at Smith and Opera House.

New Year to al! But don't South Hutchinson. Christmas has come and gone and everyone should make themselves happy and see that everybody enjoys themselves as much as possible. What improvement should be brought upon a young lay when meeting a young gentleman on Cow crek bridge and being by him if she would accompany him to a cheese factory dance, when she replied in a voice that could be heard from one of the leading dry goods houses to a certain dwelling in South Hutchinson. "No Sir!" The young man turned and walked off and looked as if his only chance was to go alone. Call in at the Herald office and set up the cigars for us, young man, or we will mention names next week.

J. J.Carey is now working for James St, John. It has been whispered around that he city council tire going to open up Ave A east. We think it a capiial idea, and should have been seen to long ago, and if we only Had side-walfcs on our street we would have the finest one in town, and the next step to take is to plant trees along the center of the street. Mr.

McCandless and wife were awakened from their miduigot sluuiber and made to get up and drees to be informed tint they would now and from hence firth occupy their Merry Christmas, and a Happy forjret to call at A Card op Thanks. EmroR Hkralii. I wish, through the columns of your paper, to thank the teachers and scholars of the Hutchinson schools for toe manner in which I was remembered by them on Christmas, by the preheat ot a flu meerschaum pipe by the pupils, and a library chair by the teachers. May they enjoy many returns of the occasion is the hearty wish of A. C.

Walker. w. innes. To Kent. Two rooms to rent furnished with or without boaro.

For aticulars. enquire at this ifiiee. HmST ct3 SON'S Photograph Parlors, and have your Photos taken. igli best rooms, best worlc and better accommodations. LEE FISHBACK.

Operator and Kc-touchcr. Iiesppcifuliy, Or. Sirst Sen, Rooms, Xo. 6 and 7, on second floor of Rexr'ad block. BANK ULOCK, HI rCIIIN'SOX, AVKKILL PAIXTS at Kansas Lu.mhkk Co.

TU RE LINE can be found at Ri r-m's Furniture Store. Ul2w4. Miss Tannic Oakes, Miss ticlloweil and Miss Siliie Oakes, of Hutchinson, were a-nong the merry thr at the cinl Hour Club Christmas night. Argosy. Miss Minnie McInturtT, who has fir Bone time ptist bet-n living in WiuSeld, is is now at her fit her" house in tuis city, sick with fevjr.

Hardy Atkinson presented -Times Temple, who has liee-i in their employ for several years past, with valuable cooking range as a Chrima- pre-ent. McIntlkf has a first- KIGBT WRONGS NO MAN. Mu. Editor. A few weeks since the News told the public, the Farmers eleyator had beu leased io J.

A. Graysjn. This wee-k the Interior and Democrat has it that Grayson Harris will close their elevator on Christmas and New Years ly. I suppose referring to the Farmers elevator, as they have no interest in any other, that 1 atn Sheet music aud books at cut rates at Smith Wilson's. FENX'S POSTS at Kansas Lumhkr Co.

jijiprised of. This would cirry out the mi- Watches eieaucd an I warranted Smith own house. This was quite, a surprise for Mc. aud his wife. But Mc.

is well deserving of such a present. South Side, Watches and jewlery at Smith rVilftoii's. 1 Hi H. UUILDEUS iI.UiDU'AUE at Kansas Co. The North-Sida Grocery Store KEEPS CONSTANTLY OX HAND Groceries and Previsions, Flour, Fruits, etc.

Oats. Com and all kinds of FEED; also the best brand? of CIGARS and TCIl VCCOS in the market. Keep nothing but the best brands of roods, which will be so il as cheap as at any other house in the city. fcffMy motto is "Live aud let live." Ml The best organ iu the world "The Estey' at Smith Wilson's. DEAI.EIt IN pressiou made Ly the News, that the control of ihe elevator had gone out of the farmer's hands which is not the case.

Why is this? It cannot be, our city papers who are all so interested in the farmer's behalf, are trying to it appear that the farmer's move in their own defense, is a failure in Umo county. Wait gentlemen, until that becomes a a fact ami we will make the announcement ourselves. The News man corrected his mistake. "Go thou and do likewise." D. J.

O'LE. Hutchinson, Kansas, Dec. "21, l.sSo. As for the Hkkalii, the notice published hist week wis brought in by an unknown and probably interested party. He paid us for publishing the notice.

It was not pub-lisiied as a news local, or a drive at the Farmer's elevator, but simply as a mat Go to Dickey's DniLj Store for pa.nts, oils, varnish, aud everything iu bis liue. Jle keeps the best. If 1 1 V-' Music for the million at Smith Wilson's. TROVISIOXS, lias just r. ceived a CAR LOAD of L.

L. SHIELDS, I have still ou hand aud for sale, a choice lot of vaces, dobs, fancy toilet sets, port monies, children's toy tea sets, toilet so ips, etc. C. E. SidlixgEII.

White Nesliannocks at 75 Cents per bushel. DEALER IX ter of business. WTe haye no tight to make class retoucher iirid wl" out better work than eu'i-. ti vo bini a call and get the best i IioU'S in Hie city. Born to Mr.

an 1 Mrs. John airin. on Monday night 01 'last week, a b-iy. weigot three and a half pounds; and on Tuesday, to Mr. ana Mrs.

Ha-kinson, a boy, weight eleven pounds. AH of tins city. The serrices at the Vresbyierian church to-raorrow morning will have e-p'-ciil refer-, ence to the new year, and will be of an interesting character. A cordial imitation extended ami all who can should attend. Services will be held in the Presbyterian church to-morrow at the usual hours.

The morning service will have especial regard to the new year. In the evening there will be a Sunday school concert and review of the lessons for the last Eight hundred acres of has recently been bought by Mr. J. Robertson, of tinleshurg. Illinois, near Arlington.

He intends stocking it. with cattle. This is the second stock ranch on an extensive scale etablishe in this county in the past sixty days. Make vonr wife a present of a handsome RED ROOM SET. Eastern prices guaranteed, at JifDur's.

The Walter S. iss' Minstrel troupe will play in the opera house two nights next week, Jan. 3rd and 4th. There will probably be during the month two other troupes the 'Across the company, and Woltz's "Daughter of the Company. Smith Wilson are now prepare'! to repair clocks and watches prompt ly and guarantee sa in every case.

Opera ILasF, Hatch. on the tarmer's alliance or their elevator in fact we believe that if properly managed STAJ'LE I FANCY GROCEEIES Glass and it will be of greit value to the farmers of Piauo and orau stools in red aud plush at Smith Wilson's. Reno county, and we wish them all the success possible. We suppose the Interior and Evervthimr iu the music line in Democrat published the notice from the same reason that ihe Hkrald did fir the pay Smith Wilson's store; Opera house. K.

M. ZAWAOZKY, M. lias hud over Till KIT YEARS Having purchased the grocery store owued by Vincent Sous; aud added largely to the stock, am now prepared to attend to the wants of the public who wish auythiuir in my line. At the oi stand iu the Wilcox Block. SOUTH MAIN sTUKET, HUTCHISON.

practice iu medicine, an 1 will attcn. promptlv to calls day oruiuht. liesi ilenee, one-half block west of court IHE WESTERN LUMBER COMPANY NaSBY'S PAPER, Tns Tdsdo Wkly Bkde. CIRCULATION 115,001 This vast circulation is because the Blade is a aper for the whole country. It is not thrown together, but every line of it is edit ed by competent hands.

It is a complete epitome of the news of the week, and whosoever reads the Blade carefully, needs noth-i ing else to be well informed as to what the world is doing. Editorially the Blane has made a proud record. It has an opinion on everything that effects the people of the country, and it expresses it boldly, fearlessly and forcibly. As good as the Blade has been in past years, we shall make it better than ever in the yar to come. Among the features for the coming year will he the regular Letters, two serials oy Nar-by, entitled Nasby in Exile, aud Nas- by iu the South, a serial story by Ernest Warren, entitled Court and Camp; a sereal by John McElroy, nuthor of Andersonville, Reminiscences of an Army Mule a serial written for the Blade by a Austrian noble-man besides our regular dtpartmrnts, Household.

Answer to Correspondents, etc. We publish all the news and the latest corrected markets. Politically, the Blade will continue the exponent of true Republicanism, believing that the best interests of the country demand the continuance of its control iu the hands of the part that represents the highest and most aivanced ideas. THE RUM POWER. The Blade will fight this monster iniquity with all the power it possese3, and io every way possible.

The Blade holds the liquor traffic to be a greater curse than slavery, and a thousand times more danjjerous to the country. We ask the co-operation of every well-w'sh-er of the Republic that rur wrk may be ef fective. We ask every Republican in the Cnited States to assist iu ezteuding the circu latino of the Blade; especially among those of the Republican party who believe as we do in the necessity of Pulverizing the Rum Power. We want the Blade in as many families as possible this Winter; that it may be read fore the eqcitement of a political campaign: giving it time ior its truths to take root in the minds of its readers. The Weekly Blade 1.

a year; postpaid to everybody. Those preferiug may receive tne Blade three months br remitting 30 ct; or cluos of three months trial subscribers; of not less than four, -3 cents each. OUtt GREAT ART OFFER A $10. Steel Engraving Write uB for a specimen copy of the -hich will give fall particulars of this the great est olFer ever made by auy publisher. We send specimen copies of the Blade free to any address.

We wint as many addresses as possible to send specimen copies to. there was in it, and was as clear of any in tentional wrong as we know we were. North Hutchinson. News scarce. Right down cool.

Coal merchant's harvest. Mechanics generally have a rest. A series of minor accidents Christmas. The north side grocery store for bargains. house, ottice over Uoldbery dry goo store, Hutchinson, Kas.

fi The an, -HAS OPEXF.I On Long Time a'id at a Low Rate of interest. A. J. 111(4 LEV, A SAVED HIS LIFE. Dr.

A. R. White De)ir t-ir: I am selling a deal of jour Pulmoiiaria hae a large iemaud ior it, and recommend it, a- 1 had it thoroughly tested on one of my cu tomers, who was given up to di After tak ing i hiee tifty cent butties ot I'ulnionaria, he commenced improving, and when lie had taken the fifth bottle, he was up and in my store. Has always in stock a full line of tiie purest of DKUJS, XEOIOIXES PAIXTS, OIES, ETC. American and IniDorted Fancy and TOILET GOODS.

Prescriptions Carefully Compounded. If that is usually kept iu a di-Uir store is wanted, call Three doors South of the Po-totHce and vou will be wa ited upon promvtly bv the dniitnist, C. SIDLIXOEU. an I said, It savkd my Lii'E," and that he should always love me and my Pulaiuiiaria. "VVI1EUE CAN" BE FOUXD fur it saved him from death, and I was the cause of his taking it.

I told him not to love me. but Lr. lute the inventor of hi James E. Crabb, of New Haven, is circulating a petition a 1 Iressel to tie House of Representatives, asking that t'ley USe action on (he u.atter of the Oklahoma hinds, formerly belonging to Chickauw, Choctaw, Creeks and and that they be thrown open to settlement. E.

B. editor ot the Sterling Gazette, now in ihe employ of the government, called at the Herald office on Monday last His business in the city was to look after the sugar making interests, for which he is now especial agent by the appointment of Commissioner Loring. The finest line of New Years Cards ever brought to this city at Wible Brothers, job printers, Opera houe block, up stairs. A. C.

Walker, who for five years past has been the faithful anl efficient janitor of the public school buildings of this city, was pleasantly surprised on rnornig by the presentati -n of a handsome meerschaum pipe by the pupils of tha school, and a $0. library chair by the teachers, as a Christmas and medicine. I am selling from eight to fifteen bottles a weed of vour jVuInmnaria. W. V.

ECKXES. Mar For sale by J. Jl- -A FULL LINE OF- A meat market on the north side would be a profitable business enterprise. What has become of Bor lean He has not been on the warpath for some time. Mrs.

D. S. Gray has been sick for two or three weegs. Dr. Sidlinger, medical advisor.

'Little Dave," only child of Mr. John Baxter, has been seriously ill the past week; Dr. McKee attending. Those beautiful sun sets have been the of much conjecture. In our opinion a number have experienced something more exhilarating than "beautiful sun At the Hutchinson Lumber Company's yard, Mr.

Hunter hunts up the lumber, Mr Rusher rushes it into the wagons, and Mr. St. John does the figuring and has an eye to the finances. Comrade Taylor, at Judge Shields, continues in about the same condition as for several weeks pa-t. We understand that some of the soldier boys served up a nice dinner last Tuesday, and sent to him through the kindness of Mr.

Handy. The side-walks and crossings in ieveral localities have been repaired. This is a 'dong felt want," and the street commissioner should continue the good work, as nothing aids so much to the appearance or enhances the value of real estate so much as good substantial side-walks. The accident to Richard Hodge, on last Tuesday was a very serious affair, and will be a lasting reminder to him of the Christmas of lS8o. A Herald reporter was around taking notes; we presume the particulars have been written up, we will only say that it, is but one more sad occurrence added to the long list of calamities produced by carelessness.

Considerable racket seems to haye bee made about Thyle. Last week's Herald FOR HOLIDAY BARGAINS IN Organs, Sewing Machines, and Musical Instruments, see f- i rx3) W3) NOTICE OF ATr.ACHMEXT. Before A. J. Iligley, J.

Reno township, Keuo county; Ki-nsas. G. W. Hardy vs. J.

Jl. Baker. Said defeudeut is hereby notitierl thut ou December 17th. ISSj, an onler of attachmeut for the sent of was issued by the above uamcd Justice of the 1 eace, again-t his goods, iu tin-above entitled action, and that sai-1 cause wi.l be heanl on the 2ud ilay of Jauuarv, 15s4. at 'J o'clock, a.m.

Attest A. J. 11 to ley, J. P. 10.

Write a postal carl asking for a specimen fur yourself and send us the Dames of ail your neighbors. We want to send out. a half a million specimen copies within the nezt month. Don't be modest as to the number, ole da Blade Co. T--Iedo, Ohio.

gift and token of esteem and appreciation of pllll in t) a VLSO A FULL LIXE OF his services. Died. Charles W. Williams, on Thurslar, Dec. 110th, He was born Oct.

22, 1So7, at Harbor Creek, Ene was the youngest child of Lewis L. and iry K. Williams, living in Castleton, Pieno Co. Kan. The funeral service was conducted by Rev.

L. 0. Mead, and largely attends! by the friends and neigh bors of the deceased. We have secured the services of an able correspondent in Sou'h Hutcninson, who will in future dish up the local happennings of that locality. His introductory chapter appears in this issue.

It is next in order for the Solid South to shake hands with bis com- Knives, Forks, Spoons, watches, Clocks, Jewelry and the New Im DOORS BLINDS, MOl'LDIXGS, ETC proved Domestic sewing machine. JSont-K IXHi ITBLA AT10-N. Land Office at Wichita, December l-o Notice is hereby given that tlie fullowing named sealer lias filed notice of Ins irucn-iion to ninke final prouf iu suiort of Ins claim and secure firm! tiiereu', aud thai said proof will be made the Judge, oi in lus absence the cieri of the court oi Reno county, at he county seat on. Saturday the 'Jill day of February, ISti, vi- Chancy C. ilinckiy.

Homestead Application. o. 4422, for Lots 3 nd 4, section 4, township 26, Soutk range 5 West, anl he namis the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence and cultivation of said tract Sdiatnp, A. V. Schamp, Hosea Ross and David Uess, of Hutchinson, Reno county, Kansas- K.

Walkef, Ecgister. z. Z. 'rj li Gall and see it. ALWAYS ON HAND.

TWO DOORS SOUTH OF WINDSOR HOUSE, peer of the north side, across ti railrjd, deuies that Judge Shields is that personage, r.hnaml nir! nrorppd In tricf f'n nova .4 Opera House, Hutchinson1 kutchiitson, FAT- a their sections. but who tc haye been tbe recirient' of.

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