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Hutchinson Herald from Hutchinson, Kansas • Page 1

Hutchinson Herald from Hutchinson, Kansas • Page 1

Hutchinson Heraldi
Hutchinson, Kansas
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ADEPTS AT IRRIOATlNii. A. K. SCIIEBLI "Tbey all do it." They water their It is reasonable to suppose tiiat crops when they want to, and Willard Pavis, in thesa they want to, in some instances al- suits, was actuated 1st hy lu jco I TTOIJNLY AT LAW ap-ii Hutchinson, Kansas. Hank who waa one of the AT IILTCHI.V.SON, is out here pay from the railroad toiiipuny.

He lmdlord of a hush torit oa the grade. George Barclay is more at iHilcaHy, her-j than there. This cou'ity. Las Animas, is the THE WEOSG TOM CAT. A TOIUIIXI- T.ALLAD TEEY ISTERETISt; TO A man who owned a terrier dog A onery eiiss, And that there pup g-t thai there man In many an uidy muss; or tlie mail was on his muscle, And the ilotr was on his bile; So to kick she lorg-goned auiiuile Was erne to a light.

A woican owned a Thomas cat Thai ill at Utseen pound, And other eats trot and slid campcliiiig the AY 11. BKOWK, 1 TTOKNKY AT LAW. Office in tlio rear ajna their already allowd sui I 2nd by the proinise of poiiueal iJarity. -sUeh was tiio coiuj il Ihe Bank, Hulcliinsun, Kansas. Will practice name tor water to FLOW UP SILL.

any of the courts 111 Hie state. BE1TO ZHZOTTSIE IS THE Most Convenient to Depot and Business Part of City. THE NEATEST SAMPLE ROOM IN HUTCHINSON. CHARLES CHAMBERS, Proprietor. F.

GILLETT, TTOKNEY AT LAW, IluPhinstui, Kansas Oilice in he i ar iif tlu Bank. W. 11. Lewis. County Attorney, J.

T. Cox. LEWIS, In digging ditches for the purpose of 1101 vvAY but inved by liar-irrigation, these "givaesr" need no 't wh 1 's treasurer, Beatty, who instruments well, they use picks clerk, Kanaga, who is supcrinte inland shovels, but nothing in the and Taylor, who is it is veying line. They get into a ditch not strange that it would seem a and go anywhere so that the water 'candidate an the proper thing to do. follows them.

These people are all The two commissioners best known members of the Catholic church, to a majority of our readers arc They have a few dozen more holi-j Potter and Moore. The last named is days out of the tlnee hundred and; a venerable "gentleman, somewhat sixty-five, however. Only last week, past the men Jian of l'fo, as honest Sit 1SM-1CKA1TC CO NT IT of Coloia lo. The democratic noia-iuee for Attorney General on the state ticket, Jir. Yeaman, is a i IN I iAD ATTOilN EY.

(Whilelaw Lad butter conclude to set stakes here!) Jim Gregory, who owns real es Wiieii that there cat was round. The man and iii durjr cane along ouc day Where the diddwell, Ami the he growled icrociouslv, Then ent Jbr thai cat pell-mell. lie iried to chaw the neck of the cat. Lilt the cat lit' wouldn't be chawed, So he lil on the back of thai there dorg, And bit! and claweo! and clawed: Oh! the hair It and the pnrp he youled As the claT.Ts wen! inlo his hide, And chuiiksof tlcsh were peeled from his side; Then lie lliiminuxed, and kicked, and died! The man he ripped, and cussed, and swore, As he gathered a lug brick-bat. That lie would be domed essentially i i.

i ill i ATTORNEYS COUNSELORS AT LAW UUTCIIINBCN, Kb. Cu'ilcclioiis a Specialty. JLots JE1 or Sale! I tots 1 or w. a. wuimuw, L.

Honk, OUK WlilTELAW, 11 tate in your flourijniiig city, and Lit; the old woman allow ed'she'd be blessed if I who formerly Mayor of'NowtOll ATTORNEYS AT LAV, II U7CIIINSON, Ks. they celebrated St. James' Day. It Miller Addition Seoul, And snatcbsd up an old shot gun WHERE JEFF GRANT LI VKS was observed by the entire male i Which JireJ and peperei his diaphragm special attention aiven tonll busiii ee v. itb the U.

S. Lund Otiite at Wichita. 1-U is here dealing out distilled damna With bir number one- population turning out oa horseback tion ''in less quantities than a quart." and RUNNING CHICKENS DOWN. They toted him home on a indow-blind, And lite doctor cured him up; Hut he was never known to tight again, i own another pup. Al.

Ha user, M. C. Mallory and I. Jleadlor, all of Jordan's Springs, Folks may turn up their snoots al this here 11. Whiteside.

McKiustry. HIT KS 1 cKIX STR ATTORNEYS-A T-LAff, II UTCTIINSON, Ks. Office over Keuo County Hank, Room 36tl On the following day, the females mounted the steeds and beooped up rliuue; I don't care a cuss for that! All 1 want to show is that lighting dogs May tackle the wrong Tom cat. your county, passed through Trini dad some days ago in PURSUIT OP THIEVES, the fowls. During what is known TO THK CJITY i)F HUTCHINSON, is the highest and deiest.

Mamiof the ihiet.t ami costliest resiliences are upon lite Kite, anil it is rapidly improving. II is evidently destined to be the tastiest ami most artistic part of this beautiful anil growing city. I YET HAVE A NUMBER OF as Penitents Season, the sinful ones Persons finding an on their K.S. H. SID LINGER, who had stolen a team from PUNISH THEMSELVES Taper will take it as a gentle PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, as the day is long, but a full of prejudice as'an egg is of meat.

lie was, in the times that tried men's souls, a Tennessee Republican, and the gates of Hell and rebel bushwhackers could not prevail against him. Our word for it, as ell might you essay to pull the sun from its course as to drive or tempt Mr. Moora from his integrity. Mr. Potter possesses those admirable elements in not near so marked a degree.

With him the season of youth with its vanities has not yet passed. He is not invulnerable to the temptation to do official acts with view to their bearing upon, his future candidacy. lie now, no doubt, seriously contemplates the time when he will have occasion to weep because there are no more offi hint that they arc in arrears for on largo crosses erected, like guide each of the latter gentlemen. They had hoped to find the teams at work the same. We need money to Hutchinson, Ks.

4. itriitimtlv. til (liv Of COUD posts, along the roads. Their punish defray expenses, 'and 'hope our somewhere the railroad grade, patrons will respond promptly. 111 fMin 1 uigut and day.

oilice over Mover's ilruirj lute. I4 E. E. WILLIAMS, M. D.

i inTI HI- I 111! I'HYSIC IAN SUKGLOX. but, alter a plucky chase ment is always in propolion to the character of the sins committed. In many instances, death has been the result of these heathenish practices. TIDINGS FBOM TRINIDAD. of fivo hundred miles, they were forced to return home teamlcss and UL'TCUINSONIANS OUT THERE RAIL PASSING ALONG the rocky mountain road, one will as nice ami well locate! as any that have yet been soM.

These lots are fronting ami adjoining other ROAD PROGRESSING WORK PLENTY-WEATHER HOT EVENINGS COOL "GREASERS" GAMBLERS THE ECLIPSE. without the satisfaction of administering needed DOSES OF BUCKSHOT, This purloining of horses in South not fail to notice many small crosses, surrounded by piles of small stones, These are erected in memory of dead Sold on Terms to Suit Purchasers. ADDRESS, OK CALL LTOS western Reno docs not well ces for him to be elected to. Ho ia riOHice North Main street, iliitchsnsou, Kansas. Special attention given to the treatment of vt omeu anil children, jiu JJ T.

P. KOBEiU'SON, THYSICIAN SURGEON. Hutchinson, Rn. Specialty, Surgery and diseases of women. Oaice Ke.

39 North Main Street, over Ik. Alli-oii's Uriii' Store. KlCKSiXKIilt. SA.M'l,. ZlM.MliK.HA.

RlCKSStillSl oi ZIORMN, Attorneys at laiv. ive prompt attention to all business II eutruatcd their care. Oilice ia liwx's sew block, ti stairs iu room No. llutcuinsou, Kansas. -'J ones.

Wncn incnas pass tncy cacn SOME THINGS ABOUT WESTERN PEOPLE, WESTERN CUSTOMS AND WESTERN TROSPECTS. deposite a stone in remembrance of for 'Squire Hansan, of was instrumental in the organization of an Anti-horse Thief Society, which essentially a policy man and prefers to run his politics as he has the bono opposition. In every. the departed one, whose name is in HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. scribed on the cross.

Well, I might thing he will avoid taking any re had for its purpose the suppression of horse ateali ng. GO ON, ON, ON, this time, but have nothing to say next time. So I shall ask the com sponsibility. He will not ask what is right; what is which crowd had I better courtand which would Trinidad has fifteen saloons, A BEER GARDEN mpev Burrell. Dear Tukp: The Herald comes via the Concord stage, on time every week, now.

Much obliged. From its saucy columns, from private sources and from the letters and pa pers of other Hutchinsonians abroad, I manage to keep pretty well read positor to put in a period and stop me. and a dan hall. A popular game about town and one that is indulged Respectfully, Russ KlSTLLR. it be cheapest for me to offend.

Tho real interests of Reno county will add no wrinkle to his ever AV. li. DEAKLOVE, TkOES all kinds of Painting and Uraiuing. Cr-JJ riage work a. specialty, shop opposite iuvt Watei Mill, Hutchinson, Kansas.

Leave orders with E. L. Mei er. in by the majority of the citizens, is Trinidad, Aug. 6th.

up. we ieiioAvs irom tne iuiure "freeze out." The poor fellow who P. S. Mr. Defendorf, of the To- Capital of the United States devour Grocers and Provision Merchants, mskn STREET, Hiit cl li ii ii Kansas.

Aiood and Reliable Inurnnvc. A. ATWrOOD, s. the home papers greedily, then hand 'em around promiscuously. (Advertisers take notice.) Even the advertisements are perused and comment of B.

J. Potter's interests will he bo fondly dreaming. While he would rather, no doubt, be right than wrong, that he is a commissioner of this district was never given to him to understand. He construes as fidelity to bis oath of office ikvot-ion to Geo. Hardy, that political peka Commonwealth, is in the city.

He wears good clothes, looks wel and brings us fresh tidings from Kansas. In his opinion Judge Peters made a mistake in entering the Congressional race this year. Speaking AGENT FOB TP Aetna InBurance Company, Assets Atlas Insurance Company, UJ American Central insurance Continental Insurance wo. Commercial lusurauce Co. I'ranklia Insurance Co.

hortii Britisuai-d Merciintile Office in Court House, Uutcliiusou, Sn. ed upon. But I will get down to Messrs. Lmpey IJurrell are also pioprietors of personalities: A. Weil, who was once associated of Gen.

Taylor, who has a passing outfit ARLINGTON in business with your clever John MILLS, H. KINNEY, Will do all kinds i Carr, now retired, is here in Trinidad propelling a confectionery and grocery house. He is very inquisitive House and.Sign Painting gets froze out is elected to SET UP THE DRINKS, two of which can be had for two bits twenty-five cents. If a weary traveler bargains for a night's lodging at a Cheap John boarding house, it is "two bits, sir," not twenty-live cents. If he hangs up at a better tavern, it is "four bits, if you please" not fifty cents, as the people in "the states" would have it.

We have GAMBLERS IX ABUNDANCE. All of them arc well-dressed, friendly, and have experienced flush times. But they arc nowT generally ''dead broke" and on the look out for a greeny. These light-fingered gentlemen take in a stranger, who visit their haunts, about as accurately as pupils do a district school teacher on the first day. the eclipse, on the 29th ult.

was a grand sight to the people of the Centennial Stale. With us it was Infirstc.ass.Btyle and at reasonuble taiea. acquaintance with so many railroad Take of Slurkativeness purls, conductors, he said This exposure Gentility 2 parts, is hound to hurt Taylor, although he Sectarianism 5 parts, is not "in" for any state office just! Compound and then closet with now. It is known that T. T.

supports I LctxtiY for 10 Hilton and you have Ryan in consideration of promises i a Totter ready to ivo made by Ryan and his friends in the tho t( a organ regard-eastern part of the state tbat the i lcHi expense; make Realty an Little River shall be their i allowance regardless of law, take favorite candidate in tho next Con-j l'a7 for such services as no coi'imis-grcssional race, by which time Tom f-ioner since Bcmis has ever asked Ryan will have satisfied his ambition I'ay or do anything that best pleases and arc prepared either iu this city or at the Mills to Exchange Flour for Wlicall They claim lor this Flour that it is inferior to none in this or any other market. They point to their past record as a guarantee for square dealing in the future. A. M.HOTJ M. Kingman, Kingman Kan 83 Will attend promptly to all calk HOMAS PAYNE, about some of the boys and girls of former days.

He has been here and at El Jloro, five miles distant, the terminus of the narrow gauge railroad from Denver, for three years. A Mr. Mills, who is sole proprietor of a blooming farm in Reno county, is working some teams on the rail-load grade between this place and La Junta, where the New Mexico extension, under the name of "New Mexico and Sjutiiern Pacific," leaves the old reliable T. S.F." This road will be pushed through with out delay. The iron is already laid to within fifty rmlen of Trinidad, and the track layers are progressing II.

i THE PLACE BARBER II AIR DltESSrfB. MJUk J.U. JA 1 JLJ JL1 41. ia the congressional line. He will no longer want to be a Congressman and with the Congressmen stand, vote, drink, draw pay Barclay and I subscribed for the Daily Commonwealth, in partnership, not wishing to miss any of Baker's foreign Hutchinson Kansas.

Dora First Class Work the ring. Mr. Moore complains of being deaf. lie attributes to this the allowance of Beauty's bill. Ho earnestly long since, to resign but was prevailed upon not to do it.

Unable to hear anything that is not addressed to him in an unusually loud voice, Mr. M. is certainly mpey cik Burrell, Main Street, Hutchinson, Kansas. nearly total. Chickens sought their inters.

Mr. Defendorf remarked roosting places, lamps were lighted, that he read with considerable inter-j greatly embarrassed during every J. McMURRY. Justice 1 Peace. Office three doors South of Tost Oilice COLLECTIONS MADE I supper bells tintinnabulated, six- 7-i meeting of the board, and this, no est a little extra once issued from the Herald ofiice.

The next lime he o'clock whistles sounded and chil dren cried to be stowed away in wished to be written up "more lent None but Reliable, Reeognked Established! cntly." He leaves for Alamosa to Keferen- s(r- Remittances made Froinptly. ce ItENO COUNTi' BANK. at the rale of TWO MILES TEH DAY. The welcome toot of the iron horse will be heard iu the mountains by this time next month. the rush.

The rush that always precedes a railroad has come and continues to come every day. The merchants, night. It is from this point that the their little beds. The SUPERSTITIOUS "GREASEUs" seemed to be more alarmed than any other bipeds. One could write col Denver Rio Grande railroad, nar row gauge, heads off for Santa Fe.

RENO COUNTY STATE BANK, ML TCIinSOX, KAX. umn after column about these curi The contracts have been let. Respectfully, R. A. arm Machxxiery.

ous Mexicans and still not "tell it all." Many of them resemble "poor Lo" in their habits and looks, only they live in adobe houses instead of who have been quietly resting upon their oars; and the property holders who have been faithfully holding on for the railroad that must come some day, are now on gut vive and are According to George T. Anthony, we actually have a defaulter in our II. Dunctin midst. wigwams. These ADOBE HOUSES things making doubt, accounts for much in the proceedings of the board.

It was recognized by four-fifths of the business men of this city that tho opening up of those cases was purely a jiolitical measure, but no ono was prepared to sec an ullowancc made to lawyer Davis ol $33:3, 33 to begin with. But what makes it worse is that Beatty knew and Davis knew and Potter knew that tho case would never come to a trial that would save money to the county, unless fraud and collusion could be proven between Wilcox and the Branch board of county commissioners. This settlement was made by and with the advice of railroad's attorneys, and the largest tax-payers of the county. We venture that there were not twenty citizens not inspired by political malice but who endorsed the settlement. The farce and fraud this is so palpable, showing a lawyer's greed, a candidate's cunning and Bcatty's malice alt at the expense of the tax E.

WILCOX, President. U1KAM A Vice-Presidetit S. W. CAMPBELL, Cashi HENRY E- ENGLAND, In his mode of meeting Mr. charges, Taylor is not evidenc are erected cheaply, as to cost, but, in this country where there is very little rain, they "stand the storm" Have seettred the agency lor the ing a'ounning that near comes up to for years.

Two-thirds of the resi the expectations of his friends. i dences, and nearly all of the business The democrats and greenback MACHINE PORKS EAGLE KANSAS HUTCHDfSOX, men of Kansas would prefer Geo. T. Anthony for two reasons. One is that he would make the best Gov Long established at Indianapolis, Indiana, and the most favorably known of nTl the factories iu the country.

In addition to this we are the sole aenU for the ernor. The other tbat in view of his hard money and unsympathetic utterances regarding the laboring GET IT AND HUMP. The former are carrying huge stocks and the latter are providing abodes for the multitudes. It is estimated, by those who have been along the lino, that upwards of TWO THOUSAND MEN are at work between this place and La Junta, while hundreds of negroes, who were SHIPPED IN HOG CARS from Tennessee, are employed in the Ratou pass and tunnel, above the city. No excuse for be ing out of employment in Southern Colorado this season.

Many farmers from Kansas have come out with their teams, worked a few weeks, then gone home, disposed of the old homestead, invested in teams, returned, and are now reaping 2.50 per day and expenses from each team. But I must return to my mutton 1 ereonalities, classes there vould some show to beat him. Toe average dependent voter is for Anthony. He is no trimmer. blocks are built of this material.

Mexicans MUD AND STRAW together, mold the substance into square blocks and then proceed to build their own habilatio which are truly an improvement upon sod houses and "dug outs." Don't conclude that we have no carpenters in the city. I am informed that there are upwards of fifty wood butchers here, a few of whom came out six years ago when wages were from six to seven dollars per day. Later ones have come out to assist in building up a live town. Our soil has to be irrigated. This season, however, an unusual amount of rain haslallen.

The Jlosicaaa arc I payer, that we are desirous of keeping it before tho public until all of this spirit is crushed out. Cliamxion Machines Reapers and Mowers. Will atiend promptly to all work entrusted to him. SHOP- West of Stimmcll's grocery store: 50-6m G-. E- FILLEY, ATTORNEY AT LAW, NOTARY PUBLIC AND Real Estate Agent KINGMAN, KANSAS.

Will Pay Taxes, MKE FILINGS, and perform AU business entrusted to hie care T3 For Circular ao4 Map Descriptions of the eueJo6B stamp. Taylor is game. He is now attention to the fact that Govern That the Governor has a weakness or Anthony is a misappropriator. in his speeches and messages, for using the shown by the last Leavenworth Times. In lie is writing things for the papers to that effect.

But, until T. T. Taylor fixes up that little misappropriation of his own we will have neither ALSO all tha utterances of his excellency, according to that other Anthony M'COllMACIvS HARVESTER AND SELF-BLNDER. A 1W1 line of Hardware constantly on hand, and our constanUy increasing patronnjre is gWMtet of fiO-elilj to Customer iJJ CVivM iteil ISterBUXVy giyiM iu a eaU.Sj time nor heart to contemplate beautiful "golden thread is mads t0 do duty as. a rhetorical flourish 1.

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