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The Daily Republican from Burlington, Kansas • Page 6

The Daily Republican from Burlington, Kansas • Page 6

Burlington, Kansas
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GREAT SENSATION AT FORT WAYNE, IND. GRlDLEY from The Gridlev Light: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Crane came down from Kansas City Monday to attend the Ramsey-Partridge trial in Burlington and came on down here Tuesday night. They expect to return home Saturday or Monday.

Mrs. Harry Clark left Wednesday evening to join her husband in Oklahoma City for an indefinite stay. Mr. and Mrs. James Elliott will move into her house and live until next fall or during her absence.


D. Jones was at the train Friday morning to meet Rev. George of Emporia whom they entertained. Rev. George preached at the C.

M. church at Arvonia Sunday morning in the Welsh language and at night in English. The city council met Tuesday evening and among other business ordered three crossings laid, one east of this office, one at W. W. Roberts' and another at Cleo Miller's.

A committee consisting of Dr. Brockett, T. E. Lewis, and Waldo Jones were appointed to investigate the proposition of building a sidewalk to the City park. E.

L. Traylor resigned as city treasurer and Sam Richardson was appointed fill out bis unexpired term. LEBO From the Lebo Enterprise: Will Bethke was in Emporia Thursday. A. H.

Edwards and wife returned from- their Kansas City trip Thursday night. W. N. Thomas shipped a mixed, carload of hogs and calves to Kansas City yesterday. Jerry Madden of Emporia assisted by Thos.

Wagstaff is at work on the county bridge oyer Jordan. Miss Ora Wiggins of Osborn, is here visiting her uncle D. H. Capps and family this week. Mr.

and Mrs. Joseph Brown of South Lebo are enjoying a visit from a Mrs. Blue of Kington, Mo. Mrs. A.

G. Tuller returned to her home at Baldwin last Friday morning after a short visit with her daughter Mrs. J. C. Bayless.

The Freshmen class entertained the Eighth grade at the home of Anna Grace Evans, last Wednesday evening. Refreshments were served anc" a general good time was had by all. HARTFORD hood and the wonderful cure has caused a great deal of talk. Mr. H.

R. Beck, of 447 Superior the reporter that he would not take a thou sand dollars for what Root Juice did for him, as it had completely cured him of a kidney and rheumatism trouble of long standing. Mr. A. R.

Hoy-lese, of 502 LaSalle street (an old and highly respected citizen) said: 'I was completely cured of a chronic trouble of the stomach and kidneys with four bottles of Root Juice and two bottles of the liniment that is used with it. I took the juice three times a day and rubbed my back and swollen limbs every night and morn- ing with the Mr. Chris Host man, of 134 West Jefferson street, after using the remarkable remedy a short while was cured of a bad case of indigestion and rheumatism. It would take a whole newspaper to tell of the many cures the wonderful medicine has made in Fort Wayne." The people of Burlington will soon have a chance to see for themselves as the demonstrations will be conducted in H. E.

Cowgill's drug store next This copy from the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette shows what Root Juice is doing to the city in which it is made: "Sensation upon sensation follows in rapid succession in Fort Wayne these days. This is the home of Root Juice and it has done so many wonderful things here that it has become the talk of the country. The reporter in one evening counted fifty-six people who said they were cured of some chronic ailment by the use of the discovery and many of them were people whose word could not be doubted. Some of the cures seemed like a miracle. Mrs.

E. G. Moore of 612 Webster street, has suffered for several years with intense stomach and kidney troubles, During her illness she was treated by a number of doctors and used many kinds of medicine, but it all failed to give more than momentary relief. Although Mrs Moore had almost given up hope she was persuaded by her friends to try Root Juice treatment. After using three bottles of the juice she gained sixteen pounds and is able to do her housework and care for her children The lady is well liked in her neighbor First Published April 7, 1910 Final Settlement Notice I State of Kansas, Coffey County, ss.

In the Probate Court in and for said county. In the matter of the Estate of Alice M. Watt, late of Coffey county, deceased: 1 Notice is hereby given to all creditors and others interested in said Estate, that I intend to make final settlement as Administrator on the 25th day of May 1910, at One o'clock p. m. that being one of the days of the May 1910 term of the Probate Court.

ROBERT DOUGLASS. Administrator of the estate of Alice' made a visit to Lamar, the past wet'k on business. Mrs. E. E.

Teeple received word the first of the week of the arrival of a fine daughter at the home of her son, Roy Brocaw, and wife in Fontana, Sunday. Here's best wishes of a host of friends for the happy parents and little one. James McNear came down from Sharpe where he is foreman of an extra gang, to spend Sunday with his family. His place as foreman of this Santa Fe section was filled by E. Nesse of Fredonia.

Mr. Nesse and family are living in the Hearn house. Teeple Walthall took full possession of the Dreyer stock of goods this week and will continue to run the store at the same old stand instead of moving the stock to their othei store as was at first contemplat ed, when they expected to start work on their new building right away. They had thought to move the old building off and use it for a ware house, but could not get a place to put it where it would be convenient to the store. Mrs.

E. J. Werts came home Sunday from Kansas City where she had been since the death of her daughter Mrs. Hoopengardner. She was driven down from Strawn by her grandson, Jesse Werts, brother of Bertha Werts who spent the winter here.

Mrs. Werts will probably return to Kansas City after a couple of weeks to keep house for Mr. Hoopengarner. Born to Mr. and Mrs.

N. S. Prob-asco of Hill Top, April 19, a boy, Raymond Truman. The ltitle son died soon after his arrival in this world, and was buried in Gridley cemetery at 5 p. m.

Wednesday, Rev. A. W. Way of this place being in charge From Th Hartford Tirrus: John Slead northeast of town is making arrangements to build a new house on his farm. Miss Florence Loy, of Emporia, was the guest of Miss June Milner, Miss Loy is a teacher in the Burlington school.

Mrs. Mary Walliser, southwest of town, is having her handsome new home painted this week. J. Y. Miller is doing the brush work.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hagel received word last week from their daughter, Miss Lida Hagel, of Peoria, stating that she had resigned her position as matron of the Magara hotel in that city and accepted a like position in the Courtland hotel in Canton, Ohio. Chas. E.

Cole, agent, this week closed a deal whereby Jas. Anderson traded his 160 acre farm east of town, to a Mr. Craghead for a 320 acre farm near Jetmore, These men will remain on the farms they now occupy until next fall when the exchange will be made. O. L.

VanLandingham, owner of the old Harrington Ranch, is here this week from New York City. He is having extensive improvements made on the buildings on the ranch. A large new chicken house is being erected, large new porches are being bu" the house and other needed repairs are being made. M. Watt, deceased.

L. H. Hannen, Attorney for Administrator. HALLS SUMMIT NO. 2 April 22.

We finally got our frost. The corn and potatoes suffered some from the irost. Sammy Bennett shipped a car of hay from the Summit this week. Several are through planting corn and some are in no hurry to plant. The oats are not looking very well some say the bugs are working on them.

Mick Ren has been working for J. O. Miller at Burlington. Chas. Makepeace has bought the old Dunkin house of Joe Cooper, intends to fix it up some.

First published April 7, 1910 Final Settlement Notice. State of Kansas, Coffey County, ss. In the Probate Court in and for said county. In the matter of the Estate of Joseph Larew late of Coffey county, deceased. Notice is hereby given to all creditors and others interested in said Estate, that I intend to make final settlement as Administrator on the 7th day of May, 1910, at 10 o'clock a.

m. A. Larew, Administrator of the Estate of Joseph Larew, deceased. First Published April 14, 1910 Administrator's Notice State of Kansas, Coffey County, ss In the Probate Court of the county District No. 4 Report of Martindale school, district number 4 for the month ending, April 15, 1910.

Number enrolled 23. Av-! enrage daily attendance 22. Per cent' of attendance 95. Per cent of punctuality 98. New pupils: Avis Mesic.

Those neither absent nor tardy during the month were: Elmer Anderson, Alfred Grennan, Bertie Thomas, May of Coffey and state ot Kansas. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed administrator of the Estate of Otto Peres, deceased, late of Coffey coun-1 ty, Kansas, by the Honorable Probate Court of said county, said Letters of Administration bearing date of April 9th, 1910. Notice is hereby given to all con- cerned that they must present their claims for adjustment within one' year, and if not presented within Bertie Thomas Letha Skillman ketta Grennan Clara Anderson Mr. Lee Jewett Oliver Kelly Guy Skillman Fred Jewett Willie Hansell Carl Anderson Claud Ball Robert Jewett Fred Grennan Clarence Anderson Clarence Williams Charley Grennan Elmer Anderson Last Friday being the last day of school the patrons of district No. 4 gathered at the school house at noon with well filled baskets.

After a sumptuous dinner was spread and partaken of by all, the tables were cleared and they all listened to a fine program by school. Miss Kahnt has taught a very satisfactory term of school. May she have success every where she may go. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs.

Chas. Skillman Lowell Hilbish A. J. Anderson J. B.

Williams J. W. Grennan Geo. Martinet Mrs. Will Kahnt E.

L. Jewett Will Dotson Ida Ball K. M. Brigham Floyd Skillman Miss Edna Kahnt Effie Kelly Pearl Jewett Aggie Grennan Ellen Kelly Daisy Brigham Nellie Hansell Clara Anderson Lois Hansell Steva Anderson Pauline Cummins Letha Skillman Mr. Oliver Kelly Guy Skillman Fred Jewett Claude Ball Lea Jewett Clarence Anderson Paul Martinek Scholars Maud Skillman Hazel Brigham Madge Hilbish May Jewett Bessie Brigham Jennie Williams Ethel Thomas May Williams Bertie Thomas Avis Mesic Retta Grennan Laura Dotson Ruby Dotson Luthi Dotson Loma Martindale Robert Jewett Charley Grennan Elmer Anderson Alfred Grennan Clarence Williams three years they will be forever barred.

CHARLES A. PERES Administrator of the estate of Otto Peres, deceased. R. W. Collins is having a cellar dug and is going to build to his house.

Mr. Atchison of Waverly has been doing some brush work in the Summit he painted the Joe Bennett house for G. S. Bennett, and A. J.

Sanders' barn and now is doing a neat job on the Star Grain and Lumber Co. office on both the inside and outside. Rev. Mr. Mitchell has done some improving around the church and parsonage in the way of setting out trees in the yard and makeing flower beds which adds greatly to the looks and was something that needed to be done.

Mrs. Carmeans and mother was call ed to Studley, to attend Mrs. Car-mean's sister's funeral. Mrs. Car-means is back but her mother was not able to come back with her but will come as soon as she is able to make the trip.

-C. V. Northcott and family were in Waverly last Saturday shopping. A. J.

Sanders was courting in Burlington this week. H. W. McFadden i3 here looking after his business. The measles are a thing of the past and Harry Warner ventures out once more to see his neighbors and to town without fear and trembling.

of the services. Seven sisters and two brothers live to mourn him. The many friends extend words of sympathy to the family. Ben Chamberlain went to Wichita Wednesday for a few days on business. L.

N. Ashbrook shipped a car of cattle from Kyle to Kansas City Monday. Ben Heritage is improving the looks of his place by giving the house a coat of paint. L. L.

Hill one time a teacher of the Gridley school came in Tuesday for a visit with his father-in-law G. Weide and family. His little son, Walter, accompanied him. Gotlieb Schief has been excavating for a cave on his placet the John Strickland place in the south part of town. Rev.

G. H. Clymer of old friend of C. R. Hoyt spent Tuesday night with him.

He is out making dates for a lecture tour. G. R. Osborn got the engine on his old Rambler in working order Mondav and run it home from the Bum gardner shop where it has been for several months past. Mrs.

E. Dodd of Burlington and Mrs. John Brocaw of Old Mexico came in yesterday afternoon for a visit with their sister-in-law Mrs. E. E.

Teeple and family. R. G. Wigner went to Topeka on business the first of the week. Williams, Ethel Thomas, Jennie Williams, Lauretta Grennan, May Jewett, Bessie Brigham, Hazel Brigham, Madge Hilbish, Clarence Williams, Charley' Grennan and Robert Jewett.

Report for the term ending April 15, 1910. Enrollment 25. Attendance in days 3009. Average daily attend-j ance 21. Number of tardinesses 82.

Number not absent 7. Number notj tardy 15. Number neither absent nor tardy 7. Those neither absent nor tardy were: Elmer Anderson, Alfred and Charley Grennan, Clarance Wil-' liams, Bessie and Hazel Brigham and Madge Hilbish. About noon the patrons of the school came in bringing well filled baskets! and pans and took possession of the room and soon served a sumptuous din ner to which all did ample Those present were: Mr.

and Mrs. J. B. Williams Geo. Martindale' J.

W. Grennan Tell 'em you saw it in The Chas. Skillman A. J. Anderson Lowell Hilbish E.

L. Jewett Flovd Skillman W. H. Kahnt Mrs. Miss Ida Ball' Wm.

Dotson O. G. Brigham Daisy Brigham Nellie Hansel Lois Hansel Clara Anderson' Sheriff's Sale. First Published April 21, 1910. To Nancy M.

Butchart and Alex Butch-art, her husband, James Frick and Sarah Frick, his wife, George W. Frick and Mary Frick, his wife, John Frick anc5 Fannie Frick, his wife, Martha Stern, and Harry Stern, her husband, Lute Laswell, and Frank Laswell, her husband: Under and by virtue of an order of Sale directed and issued out of the District Court of Coffey County, Kansas, in an action therein pending, wherein Elizabeth Stern is plaintiff and Nancy M. Butchart and Alex Butchart, her husband, James Frick and Sarah Frick, his wife, George W. Frick and Mary Frick, his wife, John Frick and Fannie Frick, his wife, Martha Stern and Harry Stern, her husband, Lute Laswell and Frank Laswell, her husband, are defendants, I will on the 24th day of May, A. D.

1910, at two o'clock p. m. of said day at the East front. door of the Court House in the City of Burlington in Coffey County, Kansas, offer at public sale and sell to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, for not less than two-thirds of the appraised value, the following described real estate to-wit: The Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section Twenty (20) in Township Twenty-one (21), of Range Seventeen (17), East of the Sixth Principal Meridian, lying and situated in the County of Coffey, and State of Kansas, appraised at Twelve Hundred and no-100 dollars. The above described real estate is taken as the property of said plaintiff and said defendants, and is directed by said order of sale to be sold and will be sold for not less than two-thirds of said appraisement to satisfy said order of sale.

Witness my hand this 16th day of April, A. C. J. GARRETT. Sheriff of Coffey County, Kansas.

L. II. Hannen, Attorney for Plaintiff. FIRE Perl Jewett Ellen Kelley Effie Kelley Agrie Grennan Steaa Anderson Oliver Kelley Guy Skillman Mr. Lea Jewett Claud Ball Fred Jewett Children Clarence Anderson Letha Skillman Pau Martindale Pauline Cunning Pupils PLEASANT RIDGE April 22.

Mr. and Mrs. Skillman spent Sunday afternoon at the Hensell home. Mrs. Thimes, Mrs.

Provolt, Mrs. Brigham each have a new Perfection cil stove. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Hilbish gave a farewell party in honor of Miss Elna Kahnt Thursday evening.

The evening was spent in floor games, pleasant conversation and music. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. E. L.

Chas. Skillman Floyd Skillman J. B. Williams Lowell Hilbish Burt Thomas A. J.

Anderson E. F. Mesic Miss Peirl Jewett Nellie Hansell Ellen Kelly Aggie Grennan Edna Kahnt Maud Skillman Lois Hansell May Jewett Avis Mesic Jennie Williams Ethel Thomas May Williams If you want the worth of your money, insurance that insures, protection that protects, get a pol- 1 1 icy in theMennonite Alutual Insurance Company. 1 Fire, lightning and windstorms. $2.40 on the $100 for five years.

for three years. Fire, light- 1 1 ning and windstorms, Come and see me about 1 our stock insurance. The best and the cheapest the state. When it is insured it is insured anyf place in the state against fire and lightning. Only 7c on the $100.00 for one year.

No limit on 1 stock. J. H. C. HOLMES, Loans and Insurance, 1 Office over Hoffmans Store, Burlington, Kansas! 1 ifiiiiiiraiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiriioiniinini- in Luta Dotson Ruby Dotson Elmer Anderson May Williams Ethel Thomas Laura Dotson May Jewett Bessie Brigham Madge Hilbish Charley Grennan Lorna Martindale Laurette Grennan Alfred Grennan Bertie Thomas Jennie Williams Hazel Brigham Avis Mesic Maude Skillman Clarance Williams Robert Jewett Edna M.

Kahnt, teacher..

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