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Junction City Daily Union from Junction City, Kansas • Page 4

Junction City Daily Union from Junction City, Kansas • Page 4

Junction City, Kansas
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BARGAINS! About Water Work Kcpoi r. Ti'lf'f -of -fiim Cihj I'nion In your Daily issue of Monday hist yuii gave the proceedings of the city council of September lid in which appears a report signed by R. S. True and S. W.

Clark, two of a committee appointed to investigate statements made bv myself against the con THURSDAY KVKNINei. SKPT. 8, I8S7. Iho Seventh mi-nt. The (U'taehimml of Vlli I'.

S. liicli t'umpet) itt iho northern pirt illicit Inst nU'lit, is making its way from Vuil Mend iu the Hills to Fort Ililey. Krora Adjutant Mann, Times reporter learned facts concerning the Ttli cavalry. The detachment here eonnit4-fd of field heailpiarteis, Htnflj regimental hand and troupst. i.

W. and embracing in alt men. The 7th may he In.iked upon a Kitnsus and xorrcK of to run- VI I ASK SCHOOL LAM). rP" hereby Hives not Ire 11,11: he will, on llifl 1 71 II liny ol September, 1 HK7 innke an HilieHllon to the 1'ruhnte Court of IIrvis futility, the tollowin-deiicrlbeil si huol Ihim1, sitiiHted in the organized eounty of lliivis, Khiisii, The sunthwent nnartrrot the muilhwewt Hurler of seel ion township 1:1. ratine 11.

lie liutiiesi the. 1'olluwiuK perwons to prove hi. Hellletneiit, continuous residence, and improve, inents, wtineen, residence Liberty township, and Nels Nelson, residence Ilavls Creek Mime at Citv, county ol Davis, Kausa. this Mil day of September, 1KH7. lwl Ul STON OI.SON, Petitioner.

II. R. CRAWFORD, FRIDAY Hi SATURDAY, SEPT. 9 AND 10 at I -3 Wll, TIIK 1M.MKNSK It.Wtli.MN Ladies Grain Button Shoe, any size, Glazed Kangaroo Uni on Shoe, Imitation Cuicoa Kid Mutton shoe, Glove Grain Mutton Shoe, Extra, -u Pebble Grain Mutton Shoe, -Misses Pebble Grain Mutton Sehool Shoe, Childs' The above drives are the best we have ever offered. It will pay you to come and inspect the goods before purchasing THIS Friday and Saturday, Sept 9 10 Conui L.

S. Joseph Co liKI.OW MIlS I'll IMOIi. 1.00 1.25 1.25 1.50 1.50 1.25 1.00 elsewhere. SAl.K IS Kent- A. M.

fSlmrp, and CATTLE As Follows: 23 cows with calves at their to Stallions Imported Shire Grand Closing Out Sale of I buy my Tinware, Queensware, Glassware, House-Furnishings and Notions at Hedge's De- Eartment Store, West eventh St. a tr Rev. M. S. Riddle is visiting at Saliim.

J. W. Barney and wife are in town again. The Daughters of Rebecca meet to-night Bennett Kiehl is oil' on a trip to New Mexico. i Three condemned mules will be sold at Riley next Monday at 10 a.

m. Jim Potter's big sale will come off Tuesday, September 20, at 10 a. ni. sharp. Thursday of next week, the 15th, is the day set for the Republican primaries.

A. E. Hedges has returned from a ten days trip through southern Kansas. Annie Smith, aged 12 years, lied of Jyp-theria near New Chillicothe on Vednewlsy. The Seventh Cavalry camped at Wakefield last night, and will reach the post today.

H. R. Crawford returned yesterday from a two or three days trip through Dickinson county. Hon. Thomas P.

Fenlon, the noted criminal lawyer of Leavenworth, was in town yesterday. The Seventh Cavalry band gave the people of Clay Center some music at the Hotel Bonham Tuesday night. Misa Jeanie nay is back from Concordia where she has' been teaching in the Cloud County Normal Institute. The street commissioner is cleaning and leveling up the street in front of Hauser-man and Stokes' buildings. The Salvation Army is already the largest church organization in Clay Center, and talk of building a barracks.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mackey, and family are in town.

They live on Second street, west of Mrs. Blakely. N. T. Ames, at Frankfort, reports the arrival of a ten pound boy at his house, who will be known as N.

T. Ames, jr. A wagon load of new corn appeared on the streets this morning. It ame from near Skiddy, and was of good quality. I have three or four thousand Kansas City pressed brick which I will Bell at cost, a'lw H.

B. Crawford. Rev; A. Barnes and wife, Mrs. Lyons, and Capt.

C. H. Trott started this morning for Hutchinson to attend the Uuiversalist state convention. Adolph Kurtz lost his barn, one horse, some implements, and a large stack of wheat Tuesday night by tire, caused by lightning. Loss $1,500, mostly insured.

Did you ever hear of a good light? That is the topic at the men's meeting next Sunday at 4:30, over the postoflice. Come around and hear it discuBued. A farmer tells us that the rains that came after a great deal of the corn was ruined, added hundreds of pounds in weight to that in which some life While in Chicago Sam Hindi met an old friend he hadn't seen for six years, anil he made Sam a present of handsome piano. Those are trie friends worth having. Ninety is not enough we would like to have 200 at the men's meeting next Sunday.

We have room for that number, and an interesting topic. Come around at 4:30. Over the postoflice. Mrs. John W.

Delaney ami daughter started for Dallas, Texas, this morning. After remaining there a few days she will start for Cincinnati, Ohio, to place Miss Josie in school The travel to the Bismarck fair on the extra morning train is not very nulling. This morning's train had not a single passenger from west of Junction City, and but two got oa here. About one-third tho stock has been subscribed by two or three parties for the erection of a butter and cheese factory. Those interested are confident they can easily make the balance.

This is a very practical, movement. The Smoky Hill Baptist association will meet with First Baptist church of this city September 29th, and (Vtober 2d. Members 01 the other city cnurclies ami tho public cordially invited to these meetings. Order of exercises will be given later. Our attention has been called to a communication from 8.

Sawtell. concerning roads over in the southeast corner of the county, which he reflects on Mr. James Tully. Mr. Foglestrom informs us that Mr.

Tully desired to postpone action for further consideration. that the other two commissioner took the responsibility of sniiig mat mo roau in question was un necessary. Quite a number of crack shots from different parts of the state were in attendance at the Bismarck fair and some good shooting was the result. The Lawrence Tribune gives the following results of Tuesday's hoot, which shows that Junction City kept 10 me ironi in me nrst snoot, nrst money was divided between Brown, of Wichita. and Cage and Guthrie, of Junction City second, Thiele and Guthrie, of Junction City: third, Uaee.

of Junction Citv. anil Williams, of Wichita; fourth, McDonald, of niccmona, iage and Williams; tilth. Hayson, of Richmond, and Guthrie; niu, uage; aevemu, rmeie. Wanted. fnl a Pi.lto.

r-i. building, according to the plans and specili-cations to be seen at the office of Mr. A. C. Pierre Tliitu will plans.

Bids will be opened on Tuesday, cepieuiinir 1.1111, ClOCK p. in. Hie duct of the then chairman of the water works eommiltee, and in which they say they have exa mined all the papers and accounts and find them correct in every particular. Also that the charge of his being interested with the contractors, is without foundation. I protested against the adoption of the report, because the committee had not examined all the facts in the case.

1 made a statement that claims for supplies had been allowed and ordered paid by the city before the goods were furnished by the contractors and stand ready to produce proofs ot the tacts as stated in the charge. Mr. True when questioned by myself admitted that the committee had not made an investigation of this charge against the ex- chairman of the water works committee. Whv? Your readers must judge for them selves. Respectfully vours, T.

D. Shaw. Solomon City yesterday had a grand tournament and ball, given by the fire de partment, and of course City was to the trout as usual, iiie Atmene wazette account says Jim Duffy, of the Junction City fire de partment, was there in all his pristinegiory. He was escorted from the ball ground by Messrs. Sherman and Reed, armed with double-barreled shot cuns, to keep the young ladies at a distance.

Jim is one of the fairest ot the fair, and the havoc he raises in the female breast is something we could never understand. The Kansas Trotting Horse Breeders' as sociation hold their meeting and races at Manhattan, on September Pith to loth inclusive. Abilene, Salina, Minneapolis, Solomon, Junction City and other towns iu this vicinity will send their livers. Strained and Comb Honey at d-tf KILIAN-S. John Hansen has just received the finest hue ot Parlor and llenting Stoves in the citv.

Base Burners, and Hard and Soft coal stoves of all kinds, and will sell iheni regular Hard Times Prices, as luw il lowest. d-tl Order your Grapes from II. Rockwell A Co. New Good a I New A large assortment of Imported Ladies' Dress Goods of the choicest and most fashionable patterns, just received anil for sale by J. K.

Ross Son. d-lf Choice new sorghum just received at M. W. Keller's. Try it.

d-tf Fresh Fruits Apples, Pears, and Peaches at Keller's. dtf fiotn Jt ruin Itrns, C'ftftJl Dvff UmhIh nint irorert Howie for bnryuim. d-tl Win. Ziegelasch has just received a big lot of American Round Washers. tf Call at the Palace and see all the latest styles iu Fall Clothing, dtl-w2 Try our 25-ccnt Bulk Roasted Cof fee the best in the market.

tl-tt SCH AC it KILIAN. Choice Dried Beef and I lams at Rockwell Cos. d-tf The freshest line of canned goods nnd spices at Keller s. dtf The best Teas, Coffees and Spires all fresli and pure at Win. Ziegclasch's.

d-tf Do you need a nobby new Hat in Soft or Stiff shapes? If so, do nut buy any until vou have seen the new blvles at the I'alace. Mocha, and Java Coffees, pure and fresh at Keller's. dtf Fresh stock of Crackers at B. Rockwell Go's. d-lf tjiieenswaie, Glassware, Lamps, Table and Pocket Cutlery at COST at William Ziegelasch's, d-tf Keller's White Klephant Tea the peer of all others, in strength and purity.

Try it if vou want a pure article and a good cup ofteV dtf All ready made Clothing bought at the Palace will be pressed free of charge before delivered, dil-wli So trt thr irtmt hloiv ax It will, Hrumm Krott. Oft- frt ttmt hupfiff ntitl, Itiivt' hlittih'fts to kft-ft ffoti aire amf ifiirm. Ami romj'ortH to covvr you in thr storm, tf 150 test Coal Oil per gallon. Headlight Oil M(V. per gallon.

d-tf B. Co. Now we HAVJ got it. A Washing Machine that BFATS anything you have seen. dtf Zi ku Kit.

If you want gilt-edge, standard goods, don't fail to try Kennedys Fine Butter wafers and biscuit, Gem Oyster and butter wafers, at Keller's. dtf Our Roasted Collee is better than any in packages. We roast it fresh every day. d-tf B. Bo KWKi.i, tV Co.

Suits and Overcoats made to order at prices from 20 to 2o per cent less than any other tailor. A good (it guaranteed and 2,000 different styles to select from at the Palace. dll-w'2 (Jo to Keller's for Family Supplies, where you will find the largest and best stock, of goods at all times. dtf All kinds of Flower Pots and Hanging Baskets nt first cost at Ziegelasch's. Another invoice of Globe Baking Powder and elegant decorated China Dishes (given away) just received at 15, Rockwell fit's.

Don't deceived when vou buy paint. Take only the GKM'INK RFBIiKR PAINT. dtf Grapes received daily at B. Rockwell Go's. d-tf AltilMitn Telogrupli School, This school is now open.

For particulars address B. W. Rice, Abilene, Kansas. The champion oarsman of America, John Teenier, writes: I have found St. Jacobs Oil of inestimable value." All champion oarsmen use it.

Sold by druggists and dealers, TV KNTV Studebaker Farm Wagons at 00 each to close out. ZifXiLtH. its hifiloi is the history Irohtier lite tor iIih t.nst "twentv vears. The regiment was organized at Kurt Leavenworth in the fall of IStifi.sent under the command of (icn. Custer up the Kepuuliean alley ami served in the western part of the state and iu the Indian Territory from the time of its organization until 1S71, when it wan sent south on Ku-klux duty.

There it remained until 1M73 when it was sent to Dakota where it has served ever Mince. During the time it has been closely identified witli the devel opment of Dakota, aiding in the starting of the railroad engines 01 me i ine in 1M7S, in the opening of the Black Hills in 1S74. and imrticiimtimr in the we known operations against the hostile Indians under Hitting Hull, which culminated in the massacre of the brave and heroic Gen. Custer and his little hand of five troops of this regiment at the Little Big Horn, June 1870. In 1877 the regiment was in the Bar Paw Mountain battles.

In 1878 they returned to the Black Hills again and established Fort Mead, which has ever since been their headquarters. The regiment is now commanded by Gen. James V. Forsyth, as Colonel. His fine physique, white hair and moustache and imperial military bearing make him the imaL'e of a French Field Marshall.

He Berved through the war as confidential stafl' ofheer to Gen. Sheridan and has now been selected to command the new Cavalry school at Fort Kiley, over the heads of many men his senior in rank, but not in ability. The appearance of men and horses does not exhibit those evidences of fatigue that might be expected after this march of over U00 miles, with heavy rainfalls on an average of every three days. Clay Center Times. Milford Note.

School commences next Monday, Dr. Orr left last week for Ohio. Prof. Richard Foster left last Tuesday for Washington, D. after a two months visit among Kansas friends.

On account of old age K. Ftillingiun oners his tine farm and feed lots fur sale. This is' one of the best farms in Kansas. Mr. J.

R. Stipplee has traded the Retler farm jbr Topeka property and has moved his family to that place. W. C. Sanford and Lon Willie returned to their home in Smith Center Monday.

A brother of Dr. Whiting just from Canada, visited with him a short time last Tuesday. He comes to Kansas to stay, and will teach the Bala school this winter. Lyman Martin, a brother to W. K.

Mar tin, come in trom Ohio Saturdav. Mrs. Kdith Linscott was buried in Mil-ford cemetery last Friday, the 2nd inst. The services in the church was conducted by Rev. W.

J. Mitchell Revs. Foster, Swickard and Sanford assisting. The sym- Eat by of this community go out with Air. linscott in this sad afllictiou.

Dr. Whiting had a professional call to tiala Wednesday. W. J. McDowell contemplates a trip to New Mexico this fall.

Milford is becoming quite metropolitan, having two barber shops, K. Tracy lias opened one here. The Seventh Cavalry passed through Milford Thursday on their way to Fort Riley. Mack. To the lvi County Schools.

I have decided to make an ohVr to the district schools ot Davis county for the pres ent school year, trusting that the result will verity my anticipations. 1 will hold a public written examination on the last Saturday of May, 1HSS, at Junction City, in the following branches: Read-inKt penmanship, orthography, arithmetic, KnglUh grammar, geography, I'nited Stales history, United States constitution, physiology and composition. 1 otler the prizes named below To the scholar milking tlit host et'iuTiil nverairi 81 5 To lie scholar making 2nd bent $vuvrt avenge- Jti To the scholar limiting 3rd best general average To' all scholars making an average of 7U per cent, or better, not falling below (U per cent in any one branch, a neat common school diploma. The conditions are: That no one shall take part who has attended other than a district school, have never taught, are residents of Davis county and under 111 years of age. 1 reserve the right to furnish all the questions and select the board of examiners.

T. S. Harkin, County Superintendent. Under the head of "Where is Bradford we find the following in the Abilene Reflector Hank Crawford lias bought the old BIs- saloon, nnd the first thing he did was to put a new board walk in trout of it. ict ion City I'siox.

roin the flip way in which George Washington Martin speaks of Henry R. Crawford, one of the leading men of Junction t-ity, person would naturally think that if it has got to be "Hank" Crawford, the "saloon" must mean something besides harmless soda pop, ginger ale and malt. We think it rather hard on Henry but George gets reckless at the change of nearly every moon. The Bismarck saloon was one of the old landmarks of Junction City before the blessed days of prohibition, it was kept bv a character named Matt lieekers. Its history would make a volume, but, praise the Lord, in consequence of our reform efforts, aided by the zealous and impetuous Hank-Crawford, it is now on agricultural implement warehouse, a feed mill, coal headquarters, and the demon rum has been banished a long ways off.

Praise the Lord We read yesterday's Abilene Gazette the announcement that Professor Purdv will locate in Abilene if sufficient encouragement be given him, at the same time speaking in the highest terms of him, calling him the best educated musician in the state." The Gazette cannot speak too highly of Profes sor i-uruy as an accomplished musician and efficient instructor. Typhoid malaria continues to do Uh work on Lyon 8 creek. William Fidler was buried Wednesday. Mr. Fidler's wife died two weeks ago.

They hail been married about a year, and a four weeks old child ih left. Jacob Miller died this mornim? nt 4 o'clock. He leaves a wife and three child ren, lwo more in tho settlement ar v.rv low. and others have lately been taken down. It was time somebody was making an attempt to discover the local cause for the sickness and death which has resulted to that community during the past sixty days.

William Bower, and Ivian Foster, both of Riley county, weie married bv Judge AyarB Wednesday. IlKAUCK IN- GRAIN -Anil Manufacturer of Roller Cern Meal I -And all kinds of- FEED- I liaye lately bought liai my old biisiuesi, buying out the Drill ofMeott Harwooi, anil am loeatpd at the old stand. 1 am Implements, Coal, Lime, Brick, Cement, Wood, Etc. I Imvp the exclusive sale for one year ot'tbe re! elrat McAlister Coal For this market, and have fifty cars ordered and now on the rond, and I will give Ued Roc Prices direct from (he car. I am also handling Pennsylvania and Colorado Hard Coal.

I sell at a very close niargiu. Special prices to School District! on AfcAllster Coal. I am handling the same line of ItupleiueuU B9 wcro handled by Scott A Har-wood, aud will sell at Prices Lower Than Ever! Come and see nie before purchasing eLaewhere. will meet any prices in the market, and shall give special a ten: ion MILLING And those wanting grinding done will please bring it in oa Tuesday or Saturday Of each week. Keed of alt kinds kept constantly on haud.

l'lease do not aak for credit it breaks me all up! H. R. cravford, Corner Seventh nnd Jefferson Junction City, Kansas. C. P.

F0GELSTR0M BLACKSMITH A iN 1 WAGON MAKER. Horse Shoeing! In first-class style. The best horse-sboers only employed in this department. REPAIR WORK We are prepared to do all kinds of Repairing wltb -neatuess anil dispatch. Corner 7th and Adams, Junction City, Kansas.

At my Residence, half mile South of Junction City, Davis County, Kansas, on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH, 1887, Atioei'nlot 200 HORSES HIGHBRED 40 spayed cows mid heifers, sielo, 15 dry cows, two year old heifers, 7 yearling heifers, 4 three year old steers, 22 two year old steers, 23 yearling steers, 1 registered and podi-greed short-horn bull. 12 young brood mares, bred Sparkler, and Cleveland Bay Rainbow, 11 work horses, 3 yearling colts sired by Oceana Prince, 2 sucking colts, one sired by O'Reilly's Wilkes, the other sired by Sparkler. The above are as valuable a lot of stock as ever were offered in Davis county, and the reason they are offered for sale is because I have rented my farm for a term of years. TERMS: Twelve months time will be given on approved note bearing 10 per cent interest from date. Five per cent off for cash.

Lunch a Noon. JAMES POTTER. S. A. SAWYER, Auctioneer.

right it reserved to reject any or all bids.

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